"Do you know Brooke Ashley? She is indeed a media Jeti. She captures magic wherever she goes. She has a beautiful vision, and a passionate backed strong work ethic to make it happen. I supported her because I feel her project will bring us all closer to reaching our own flow state. If you want a video about yourself, or about your own  project,  Check it out! "
Anders Gustavsson, Fractal Marks Founder & Visionary 
"My Web Designer & Friend Brooke Ashley is amazing and her company Flowstate11.  She is making my dreams come true with her talents and I support her all the way." 
- Ashley Countryman, Founder of Sacred Attunement Gatherings 
" Brooke is the mastermind behind the kickstarter video for Clean Carriage. She is always up early and works all day on whatever project she is on. A super hard-worker indeed. Let's all help Brooke Ashley keep her company alive so she stay filming all the awesome stuff in the world for us to see." 
- Dennis Rotsch, Founder of Clean Carriage Soap Co. 
" Come support an amazing artist, Brooke Ashley, on her journey in filming artists/people that inspire all over the world! She has personally helped us make awesome videos for our drum group and many other artist groups as well. Lets keep the arts alive and share them around the world! "
Olga Nikishin, Fire Muse Circus Utah Drummer 
" If you don't know Brooke Ashley, she is one of the kindest, most genuine, and inspiring people. She just launched her first Kickstarter! She was a huge part of my Kickstarter, she filmed the video and helped me succeed in reaching my goal. Watch her video and get some insight on what she is about and help her pursue her dream! 💜 " 
- Shanin Blake, Musician and Successful Kickstarter Campaign!